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Mix your record with Dave Darlington


Whether you're mixing dance tracks or experimental jazz, you can count on Dave to make your recording shine. Dave will be happy to speak with you personally regarding your needs, but first here are a few helpful notes on how to prepare your productions for mixing.


Session Formats


  • Pro Tools

  • Logic

  • Digital Performer

  • Or send just the files- all the same length with the same start time


Prepare Your Files


  • Make sure that your files are labelled clearly and that all of your edits are finalized.

  • Leave your plugins on, and your routing in tact. 

  • If your session is heavy with unused files, try to purge some of them before uploading them. Here's a good link explaining how to do it in Pro Tools:

  • Include a rough mix of each song to be mixed.


Web Based File Transfer





  • Send an email with any questions and concerns that you might have.

  • It's always helpful to have examples of tunes that you like so that there is something to aim for.

  • Go back and make changes any time, two rounds of changes are included in the cost of the mix.






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