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Master your record with Dave Darlington


After you've polished hundreds of records to perfection, mastering becomes second nature. Read any article about mastering and the number one thing you'll learn is that it's not about the gear- it's about the ears. A good mastering engineer knows when to help your mix out, and when to just leave it alone. You can count on Dave to know what to do, and you can count on the excellent monitoring and acoustics of the Bass Hit control room to provide masters that translate across all media platforms.




How to prepare your mixes for mastering


  • Give your mixes a thorough listen before you send them. Check for bad edits, flubbed or out of tune notes, and make sure the bass in your mix is right. You can always take away bass in the master, but adding it is rough.

  • Listen to your mixes on multiple systems. Check them in your car, on your laptop speakers, go to Best Buy and bump them through the most expensive system in the store. You'll be amazed what you hear.

Web Based File Transfer





  • Send a few reference tracks, it's nice to have something to shoot for.

  • How dynamic do you want your tunes to be? It's always good to let the mastering engineer know your goals.

  • Mention if you plan on cutting your record to vinyl.


What to expect


  • You can opt to receive the final files zipped and sent via the web, or physical Red Book CD's burned and shipped to your door.

  • If you wish to use Disk Makers to print your physical CDs, Dave has a relationship with them and can deliver your files for you.






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