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Davy D's 5 Commandments of Manufacturing


Proof your PMCD


  • Before you send the PMCD to the factory, listen to it through once in headphones to make sure it's perfect. Sometimes even a small speck of dust or fingerprint can cause a skip. It would be a disaster to make 1000 copies of a skip!! 

  • After you listen to it once, keep it clean and put it away in the case.


Replicate (Don't Duplicate)


  • Replication costs about $100 more because they make a "glass master" stamp – a perfect copy of our master to stamp your CDs. The sound quality is much better than duplication which introduces read/write errors into the copies.




  • ISRC's are watermark numbers embedded into the data of each song so they can be tracked for downloading. They can be provided by the label or the factory.


Gracenote Database


  • In order for the song titles to appear when the CD is inserted into a PC, the CD must be registered with Gracenote, the online CD database. Here in the States, the factory usually does that, but you can also do it yourself in iTunes. Before it's registered, the titles will show up as generic "Audio Track 1", etc.




  • DO NOT upload your individual songs to manufacturing. Mail the physical CD, (or upload a DDP Disk Image file if that's what we decided). This will maintain the pacing and metadata that we embedded in the master PMCD.

Some useful information:

Angela Pearce Contact:


Mega Distribution Bundle (Retail $59, ask for discount)


24-Bit MFiT (Mastered for iTunes) may be uploaded


Diskmakers Address:

150 W 25th St. Suite #402
New York, NY 10001
Toll Free: 800-468-9353
Fax: 856-661-3450


Read more: New York CD Duplication


Nearby Subway/Train stations: 1 to 23rd /7th Avenue 

or N,R to 28th/Broadway or PATH Train to 23rd/ 6th Avenue 

or C,E to 23rd/8th Avenue

Read more:

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